Looking Back

64194985I don’t like to look back at my work. I hate reading what I’ve written because I’m never satisfied with what I’ve produced. Even as I’m writing this, I don’t plan on looking back at what I’ve written to make sure it doesn’t need any editing but I will because I want to like what I’m writing. To start I’m not going to look back on everything I’ve written this semester; I’m going to start with just a few blog posts that I can read without completely torturing myself; I’ll save that for another night.

LehrerOne thing that I really don’t like about my reading is that I generalize way too much; I don’t like to get personal when I’m writing. It makes it hard to write when I’m trying to write about something that happened in my life without actually talking about it. I can’t really explain what it is I do; it’s confusing so now you know how I feel. Instead of picking out every blog post that I did generalize I’m going to look at the ones that I did get personal in.
I looked back and I realized that I would have more to write about if I where to look at all the times I generalized than the times I didn’t; I only would one blog post where I discussed something that happened in my life. And no I’m not going to leave it at that; I will not generalize! I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago titled “Moving Online” that I 635944711128128202-1006083443_98d00346c2af7cc38655f1a43b4739c0discussed an awkward encounter involving one of the cart guys that decided he wanted to be my friend. Me being the awkward human being that I am smiled and told him I’d love to be his friend and then he proceeded to give me his phone number while I pretended to add it into my phone. To this day I still don’t know his name and, as I indicated in my previous post, he still doesn’t have Facebook. Luckily, our paths have only crossed once since then, which resulted in an awkward hello on the stairs as we passed each other.

sltqeAnother thing that I don’t do the best job of is not sounding repetitive. I don’t even need to look back at my past blog post for this one. Just look back at the previous paragraph of this post and count the number of times I used the word awkward. I could have used a different word; I have the option to go back and edit out what doesn’t sound right but I wouldn’t be able to make my point if I did.

Finally, one thing that I missed was using images in my blog posts; I’m all over the place in that particular area. There are some post where I use plenty of pictures, some I only use one or two, and there are times when I don’t use any. I’m going to end this post by adding in some pictures so that I don’t do what I just said I don’t do a good job of.


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