One Day I Could Potentially Make a Difference

netflix2I canceled my subscription to Netflix almost six months ago, maybe more. I have contemplated paying the eight dollars a month or whatever it costs now but I decided that it worth the money because I didn’t really have time to watch it anyways.

My mom has an Amazon Prime account that she gave me the password to. The selection on there isn’t the best but I’ve made do; I’ve watched five seasons of Workaholics at least three times because it’s one of the only TV shows on there that I enjoy watching.

Even though I’ve ran out of new shows to watch, I haven’t given up and gotten a subscription to Netflix. One thing that Amazon does is it picks out movies for you based on what you’ve watched. There’s one movie that I recently watched that got me thinking about blogging more often.

bluestateThe movie, Blue State, is about a blogger who was against Bush’s reelection and ends up going to Canada because he promised that he would if Kerry lost the election. The leading male character, John, was very opinionated about how Bush was running the country; he didn’t want to live in a country with a leader that he felt was doing more harm than good, which is what he would write about in his blog.

He was very passionate about what he was writing and he was very into making a statement so that the country would understand what a mistake they had made by electing Bush but he wasn’t really doing anything himself to make a difference.

This reminded me of my dilemma of not feeling like it’s important to keep up my blog. I kept telling myself that it really wasn’t important because it’s not being read by many people and even it was it wouldn’t be doing anyone much good.

airplane-canada-usa-travelIn the end of the movie after the clichéd section were John realizes he’s made a horrible mistake by fleeing to Canada and heads back to the border with the girl he of course ended up falling madly in love with a girl he met less than a week ago because that’s just how romantic comedies work, he decides to use his words to do good for the country by running for senator.

The movie didn’t spell out whether he made a difference or not but it was pointing towards a happily ever after kind of ending so I think it’s safe to imagine he did. I might not ever end up in politics, it’s pretty safe to say I never will actually, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make a difference by writing as well. Take our nonprofits for example; they write about what they do and what they need help with so that they can get the word out to the community and make a difference. It gives me a little bit of hope that my writing could actually make a difference one day.

I’m going to keep writing, not necessarily on this blog, because one day, like John, I could make a difference with my words and end up being really happy. In the meantime I’m going be purchasing a subscription to Netflix because Blue State was the last movie in the list that I was even remotely interested in watching and it wasn’t very good, though it did get me thinking about my writing and was did manage to entertain me for a hour and a half.


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